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Mariana Andrea Nallim

Co-Founder & Director

Reciclarg Recycling Technology


Co-Founder & Director


Reciclarg Recycling Technology




Reciclarg Recycling Technology






What makes Mariana Andrea Nallim a Global Shaker?

Mariana Andrea Nallim Ponte, who also goes by Andrea Nallim, is the director and co-founder of Reciclarg Recycling Technology, an organisation focused on the treatment, recuperation, and recycling of electronic waste.

In 2010, Mariana founded the company along with her brother Farid Nallim. At the time, Reciclarg provided an integral recycling service to companies that generate technological waste. The process consists of five components: collection, reusing, recycling, upcycling/sustainable design, and environmental awareness.

The foundation also provides “clean points” at various businesses for the residents of Mendoza, Argentina, to dispose of their devices.

In collaboration with the country’s ministry of labour, Reciclarg participates in a job placement for those between 18 and 24 years of age. After six months of training and working for the company, those who successfully complete the program will be offered employment.

Mariana won the Entrepreneur of the Year award in the green entrepreneurship from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

In addition to her work running Reciclarg, she also gives entrepreneurial workshops at the Empretec Foundation. Prior to founding the organisation, she worked at the Universidad de Aconcagua for 18 years, ultimately serving as the director of the centre for entrepreneurs.

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Last updated: June 4, 2019