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What makes Mardonn Chua a Global Shaker?

Mardonn Chua is a San Fransisco based biotechnologist who has applied his science of choice to the alcoholic beverage industry.

In 2015, Mardonn, a self-confessed wine enthusiast, encountered a Napa Valley Chardonnay that sparked a light-bulb moment.  

This particular vintage, due to its age and pedigree, had become too valuable to open. It led him to pose the questions — what good is a bottle of wine if it cannot be opened? And, is there a way to create the same renowned wine without the incredibly time-consuming, expensive (not to mention environmentally damaging) conventional methods.

Finding the answer to these questions became the catalyst that saw the birth of Endless West.

Mardonn joined forces with fellow scientist Alec Lee to try and figure out the molecular components of wine which also spurred on an obsession with spirits. Their first product is a biochemical equivalent of the world’s finest aged whiskeys called Glyph.

They created it by identifying the exact types of molecules, proportions and isolated compounds present in top-shelf whiskeys sourcing them directly from plants and yeasts rather than obtaining them through distilling and ageing. The whiskey is made overnight and hand bottled in small batches. The result — “a smooth, charismatic whisky that sips like it’s been stored away for years, despite having never seen the inside of a barrel,” according to Endless West.

Glyph has received much media attention from the likes of Vice, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal and many who have tried it have given it the thumbs up.

On the topic of future gastronomic coming from Endless West their website states that “our journey begins with spirits, but when it comes to opportunities for exploration in food and drink, the horizon is endless.”

Last updated: May 21, 2019