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GreenTech Festival







What makes Marco Voigt a global shaker?

Engineer and entrepreneur Marco Voigt is one of the co-founders of GreenTech Festival, a “worldwide hub” for “future-forward green technologies”.

The inaugural year in 2019 will see presentations from industry leaders including Patrik Studener, Vice President and Head of EMEA at Bird, a world-leading electric scooter company valued at $2bn, and Varena Junge, Co-Founder and CEO of enyway, the commerical peer-to-peer energy platform based in Germany.

Voigt’s venture has been created in partnership with fellow engineer Sven Krüger and 2016 Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg, who has invested in passenger drone maker Lilium and is an ambassador for electric car concept Schaeffler Mover, which can drive sideways to make inner-city parking easier.

It follows a career of innovative green creations. After twelve years of operations, his innovative GreenTech awards, set up with Kruger and awarded to figures including naturalist David Attenborough, have merged with the British Green awards.

In addition, Voigt created Green Window in 2015 as the world’s ‘largest marketplace’ for green lifestyle products and services’.

“It’s about time that we finally bring together all those who can make moves in green technology: start-ups and corporations, environmental activists and politicians, researchers and CEOs, crown princes and completely average consumers,” commented Voigt on the festival’s website.

Last updated: May 8, 2019