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Manfred Weber


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European People's Party




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What makes Manfred Weber a Global Shaker?

Manfred Weber is the chairman of the EPP (European People’s Party), Europe’s biggest political alliance. He was elected its leader in 2014. He is the youngest ever leader of the EPP. It is a centre-right political party that is pro-European and has members from 70 national parties spanning across 40 countries. An alliance that the conservative party quit in 2009.

He has called for Britain to not be punished in the Brexit process, but he holds strong resentments for the chief brexiteers such as Boris Johnson. He and his party will be amongst the key influencers in directing the EU’s side of negotiations. Weber, an ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said shortly after his talks with Prime Minister Theresa May in November 2017 that they were “helpful to better understand each other’s positions. But what we need are more substantial proposals from London to be really able to enter the second phase.”

Weber has been a Member of European Parliament for Germany since 2004. After Brexit became a reality he warned Britons that the EU would be tough on the UK and was quoted by the Guardian as saying “the British people decided to leave this union, so they will not be so comfortable, so safe, not so economically strong. That’s why we will say that it really is a very negative day.”

Last updated: April 19, 2018