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What makes Maliha Abidi a Global Shaker?

Some problems seem so large that it’s difficult to think about how an individual could make an impact — lack of education opportunities for women in certain countries, the overwhelming lack of diversity in published media. But Maliha Abidi, a young neuroscience student with a passion for art, has decided to tackle both issues in one fell swoop with a published book: Pakistan for Women.

The book features 50 Pakistani women who have done extraordinary things — from Nobel Peace Prize-winning education activist Malala Yousafzai to Samina Baig, the first woman from the country to scale the seven major summits — via an overview and a hand-drawn illustration. The book was published in March 2019, following an initial Kickstarter campaign, and received so much attention that the UK-based Abidi went on a book tour around Karachi, Pakistan, and is now tying together a second Kickstarter campaign to release the book even further.

She has received consistent media coverage for the initiative, from outlets including the BBC, and has been praised for both tackling the lack of BAME narratives in UK publishing and helping women across the world realise that they are capable of all sorts of amazing things.

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Last updated: July 10, 2019