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Louise Leolin

Co-Founder & Games Producer

Dinobyte Labs


Co-Founder & Games Producer


Dinobyte Labs


United Kingdom


Dinobyte Labs







What makes Louise Leolin a Global Shaker?

When it comes to the gaming industry, it would be fair to say that “it’s a man’s world”. Gaming, which is now surpassing the film industry in terms of value, is dominated by men across all aspects of the field. That is what makes the story of young entrepreneur Louise Leolin so compelling. In 2015, the young London game lover went on to establish DinoByte Labs with friend and fellow founder Christian Lovdal. According to Louise, part of the success behind her indie games start-up is explained by their passion for the industry.

A passion for games, combined with a creative imagination and an intense desire to make an impact in the industry drove Louise and Christian to set up a firm that places great player experiences at the heart of their business model. In the world of gaming, more and more fans are turning towards independent developers and smaller titles for a better user experience. Pay-per-play systems, expensive downloadable content and eternal “buy a season pass” platforms have largely turned gamers off the mainstream market.

During her time as a student at the University of East London, Louise was gobsmacked at the statistics she researched for her dissertation: 52 percent of gamers in the UK are female, yet only 14 percent of the UK games industry is made up of women. It was the research behind Louise’s dissertation that compelled her to set up Dinobyte Labs, which has since won an award from the Haberdashers Company for Young Entrepreneurs. For her efforts breaking into the industry as a female, this young entrepreneur was listed as one of London’s Top Ten Young Female Entrepreneurs to Watch.

“We really need to stop letting stereotypes dictate our whole lives”, she said in an interview with Meyvnn. “There is nothing biological which inherently makes any career path impossible simple because of your sex. So don’t be afraid to break boundaries. The truth is that if you are for example a girl wanting to work in a male dominated industry, sure you may encounter struggles, but there is also a chance that you will encounter a lot of open doors, because times are changing and many industries are scrambling to keep up and increase their female workforce.”

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Last updated: May 17, 2019