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What makes Lisa Lindström a Global Shaker?

Once someone has driven a culture change through an industry, it’s sometimes difficult to appreciate how revolutionary their approach initially was.

But widespread change was definitely directed by Lisa Lindström, the celebrated CEO of Swedish design agency Doberman.

The company, which she’s run since 2001, is regularly recognised as the best design agency in the country. It is home to 100 employees, has offices in Stockholm and New York, and has even produced an award-winning film called The Frontiers of Design on the future of the industry.

In particular, she broke a dichotomy in which companies either did good things and felt good, or made a profit and were tied to the office. In an interview with Hall of Femmes, she says her work is guided by three parameters: “quality, well-being, and profitability, where all three are equally important.”

The business also works with what she calls an “extreme form of participation,” in which all employees are involved in decisions connected to budget, recruitment and upcoming clients.

This feeds into her life mission to “co-create the change we want to see in the world,” and is a big part in why Doberman has been named as one of Sweden’s top firms for nine years in a row.

Lindström is also Chair of the Board at UR, the Swedish Educational Broadcaster; and Chair of the Board and Investment Committee at Doberman Forward, Doberman’s investment arm; and has served as an industry adviser to the government.

She was also previously Chair of the Board at SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, and a board member at Avanza Bank.

Lindström initially trained as a Journalist, before taking a degree in Business & Management at Hyper Island School of New Media Design in 1998.

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Last updated: August 27, 2019