Photo by Green City Solutions
Photo by Green City Solutions

Liang Wu

Chief Intelligence Officer

Green City Solutions


Chief Intelligence Officer


Green City Solutions








What makes Liang Wu a Global Shaker?

Green City Solutions, set up in Dresden in 2014, has a simple goal: Could there be an ecological and economical solution to worldwide air pollution problems?

Liang Wu, Chief Information Officer for the company — and one of four original founders, alongside current Chief Operating Officer Peter Sänger — has been integral in the creation of CityTree, the world’s “first bio-tech filter” to improve air quality. Essentially a bench with a breathing backboard, the CityTree uses cutting edge Internet of Things technology, a ventilation system and different types of moss to suck up environmental toxins while producing oxygen at the same time.

Wu writes on his LinkedIn page that the plant filter “has the same effect as 275 urban trees, but requires 99% less space”.

The team conducts a location analysis to find the optimum place to instal a CityTree, and tracks impact — of individual or several trees — through a new piece of software, AirCare.

The project is backed by the European Union, Climate KIC, ODINE, alongside a variety of research organisations across Europe.

Wu holds degrees in Media Information Technology and Economics.

Last updated: June 7, 2019