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Lauren Riley

Co-Founder & CEO

The Link App


Co-Founder & CEO


The Link App


United Kingdom


38 years








What makes Lauren Riley a Global Shaker?

Lauren Riley is the British entrepreneur best-known for her starring in 2014’s series of The Apprentice. The Fylde-born former solicitor graduated with a degree in law from Lancaster University, practising family law before taking the plunge into the world of tech entrepreneurship.

4 years since appearing on The Apprentice, Riley has emerged as a pioneer of legal tech with the creation of The Link App, an encrypted cloud-based communications tool which allows solicitors, lawyers and their clients to exchange information, including evidence, contracts and other pieces of information.

As co-founder of The Link, Lauren Riley has emerged as an outspoken supporter of diversity, frequently using her significant social media following to argue in support of female entrepreneurship and greater female representation. The business leader boasts a significant online following, with her YouTube channel amassing over 35,000 views.

In 2018, The Link App was shortlisted to the final five in KPMG’s search for the “Best British Mobile Startups”, with the company being recently head-hunted by a prestigious Silicon Valley investor. Prominent early investors in The Link include Sir Nigel Knowles, who now serves as chairman of the company.

Last updated: May 14, 2018