Photo by X Shore
Photo by X Shore

Konrad Bergström

Founder and CEO

X Shore


Founder and CEO


X Shore










What makes Konrad Bergström a Global Shaker?

Konrad Bergström, founder and CEO of X Shore, first had the idea for his revolutionary electric boats — targeted at the consumer market — in the ‘90s, but had to wait until the technology caught up with his imagination.

“Now that the technology has caught up, and the demand for sustainable mobility has skyrocketed, there has never been a more logical time to bring our first generation of boats to the market.”

This is backed up by research: a 2019 report by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute reveals that shipping between Swedish ports produces more air pollution and greenhouse gases than domestic flights in the country — and an estimated 25% of these emissions come from privately-owned boats.

Bergström’s position is that it’s not easy to replace fossil fuels, but it is possible and “can be a great adventure.”

X Shore launched its first boat model, the Eelex 6500, earlier in 2019. While relatively small, it can hold up to 12 people and travel up 100 nautical miles on a single charge — at speeds of up to 40 knots. The ship is designed to allow air to insert between the craft and the water, decreasing friction and reducing energy use by 35%.

It was one of the boats that went along with activist Greta Thurberg to the UN Climate Summit aboard the sailboat Malizia II.

“Once you try X Shore and you’ve experienced the sea without noise and fumes there is no way back,” Bergström says. “The experience can’t be put into words and is just magical. We are getting a huge amount of interest from all kinds of customers.

“This is why we are so strongly committed to contribute to a fossil fuel-free shift on the maritime market.”

Bergström is also founder of Zound Industries, which designs, sells and manufactures fashion headphones. It looks after are four brands: Urbanears, Coloud, Molami and the license to sell Marshall headphones.

He also claims to have created the first fashion headphones, through company WeSC, while working as Headphones Director. In addition, he spent four years at Burton Snowboards — as Sales & Marketing Manager — alongside Sam Paschel at Zero Motorcycles.

Bergström is an UNOPS Innovation Ambassador and is “dedicated to saving our oceans.”

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Last updated: October 4, 2019