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Kendall Ananyi

Founder & CEO



Founder & CEO











What makes Kendall Ananyi a Global Shaker?

Tizeti, which uses solar-powered towers to provide cheap, high-speed public Wi-Fi in urban areas, is becoming an established institution in Nigeria and West Africa.

The company was set up by Kendall Ananyi in 2012. Anyani studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Benin, then became an associate at PWC in Nigeria, before studying for a Masters in Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria.

He took on a role as a software design engineer at Microsoft, then spent 7 years a Exxon Mobil, first as an Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer, then as Lead Project Engineer.

On LinkedIn, he writes that he’s now applying everything he learned to building Tizeti as the “ISP of Africa.”

The company, which has hundreds of thousands of customers, has a solar-powered base station, and is leveraging the large wireless capacity available with Wi-FI and the quickly dropping cost of solar panels to create a network of owned and operated towers to offer disruptive pricing for internet service across Africa. The service is 30 – 50% cheaper than capped mobile data plans, costing 200 nigerian dollars a day (50 cents), up to a top cost for 6 months of 15,000 Nigerian dollars ($40).

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Last updated: May 25, 2020