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Ken Mulvany

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What makes Ken Mulvaney a Global Shaker?

BenevolentAI is Ken Mulvany’s thirteenth start-up and a continuation of his focus on technology and healthcare. His vision is to address the mismatch between the information that is already available and the ability to process it for medicinal benefit.

The drug development company uses AI-based technologies to digest all knowledge that is currently available in the biosciences, such as scientific papers, data sets, clinical trial information, and patents, and look for connections that have yet to be discovered. In an interview with Business Insider, Ken stated that the company developed 24 drug candidates in just four years, compared to the 15 drug candidates that were developed in 10 years at his previous venture.

“There are 13,600 diseases, of which only 5,000 have a treatment,” Ken said in an interview with Cambridge Independent. “There are 8,000 diseases with no treatment whatsoever and we’ve got to start tackling that.”

According to the company’s official website, the Benevolent Platform is designed to power target identification to “find new ways to treat a disease,” molecular design to “develop the most effective medicines,” and clinical mechanistic stratification to “understand how individual patients will respond to treatment.”

As of April 2018, BenevolentAI is worth over $2 billion.

Before BenevolentAI, Mulvany was the CEO of Proximagen, a UK biotech company; he sold the company for £223 million to Upsher-Smith. He is a two-time world champion sailor and was a competitor in the Americas Cup in 1992.

Last updated: April 9, 2019