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Kathryn Haun

Attorney, Investor, Lecturer

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Attorney, Investor, Lecturer


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What makes Kathryn Haun a Global Shaker?

With a background in law, Kathryn Haun’s career has spanned from investigating and prosecuting a wide variety of financial and cyber crimes with the US Department of Justice to leading the audit and risk divisions at Coinbase as an independent director.

As a federal prosecutor and the Justice Department’s first digital currency coordinator, Kathryn specialised in cyber crime and the Dark Net, FinTech, cryptocurrency, blockchain and AML/BSA compliance while engaging in daily private sector outreach. She also created the government’s first cryptocurrency task force.

During her decade at the Justice Department, Kathryn investigated violations of anti-money laundering laws and conducted parallel investigations with the SEC, Treasury Department and foreign partners. Among other responsibilities, she also investigated and prosecuted RICO murders, organised crime, public corruption, gangs and corporate compliance failures. Kathryn also held senior policy positions in both the National Security Division and Attorney General’s office.

While working in the private sector, she testified before both the US House and Senate on the intersection of technology and regulation.

Kathryn is a lecturer in the law and management faculties at her alma mater, Stanford University. She developed and taught the law school’s first course on digital currency and cybercrime and the business school’s first course on cryptoassets and blockchain technologies.

The acclaimed attorney currently serves as a general partner with top investment firm Andreessen Horowitz and is the first woman to ever do so. She’s on the board of directors at HackerOne and Coinbase. At HackerOne, she advises the white hat hacker-powered security platform, which serves thousands of enterprise and government customers, and addresses critical software vulnerabilities. At Coinbase, she is the chair of the audit, risk and compliance committee and serves on the compensation committee.

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Last updated: October 10, 2019