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What makes Kate Brandt a Global Shaker?

Google’s all-encompassing grasp over everyday life makes it difficult, for many, to imagine a world without the company. How would they search for information online? Or browse the internet? Or send and receive emails?

Kate Brandt’s role — as the lead for sustainability across the tech giant’s worldwide operations — is therefore central in hedging against the impending ecological crisis. She works on products, the supply chain, data centres and real estate to ensure Google “capitalises on opportunities to strategically advance sustainability”. She discussed her approach and wider reflections on the environment in a question and answer session on the website Reddit.

The ‘circular economy’ advocate also became the US’ first ever Federal Chief Sustainability Officer, responsible for sustainability across, as she writes on LinkedIn, “360,000 buildings, 650,000 vehicles, and $445 billion annually in purchased goods and services”. She is the recipient of the highest award the US Navy can give to a civilian, the Distinguished Public Service Award, for helping the Navy go green.

Bramdt holds a Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Cambridge, and was until May 2019 Adjunct Professor in the Change Leadership for Sustainability Programme at Stanford University.

Last updated: June 7, 2019