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Karina Von Baer

Founder & President

Empresas Agrotop


Founder & President


Empresas Agrotop




Empresas Agrotop






What makes Karina Von Baer a Global Shaker?

Karina Von Baer is the co-founder and president of Empresas Agrotop, a holding group of four companies dedicated to agricultural matters.

After getting a degree in agricultural engineering, Karina founded Saprosem, which focuses on agricultural supplies, Granotop, which specialises in wheat production, and Oleotop, a company that produces oil for both animal and human consumption. Avenatop was founded a few years later, an oat exportation plant. Many of the companies have since become national leaders in their industries.

“My dream was to make a contribution by doing things differently while always thinking of the agriculture and the farmers,” she explained in an interview with Endeavor Global. “When you develop opportunities for agriculture, you become an architect, someone who is impacting, influencing, or providing opportunities for your area, which is of tremendous value.”

As of 2015, Agrotop has been handling over 50,000 hectares of land and fosters relationships with 800 farmers. The holding group has created over 700 groups and exports its products to more than 15 countries throughout the Americas.

In 2006, Karina was chosen as by Endeavor Chile as one of the country’s most impactful entrepreneurs.

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Last updated: June 7, 2019