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Photo by Phie McKenzie, Notion Magazine

Jusnah Gadi

Founder & Managing Director

Young Music Boss


Founder & Managing Director


Young Music Boss


United Kingdom







What makes Jusnah Gadi a Global Shaker?

When it comes to giving young entrepreneurs and musicians a foot up in the industry, Jusnah Gadi shines as a prime example. After specialising in intellectual property and the law of the music industry, Gadi turned passion into project when she set up Young Music Boss, the consultancy firm which places at the heart of its operations the desire to empower young professionals through networking events, engaging content and educational tools.

After observing streams of young musicians and professionals struggle to enter the notoriously inclusive industry, Gadi endeavoured to challenge this lack of diversity. This led to the conception of Young Music Boss, the revolutionary resource hub which has been applauded by Elle Magazine and other industry hot shots. Originally set up to connect industry insiders with up-and-coming performers, YMB rapidly developed into a multi-faceted networking core, advising and consulting its clients on trademark, copyright, brand protection, trademarking, recording contracts and more.

Indeed, the scope of this business’ work is massive, leading to successful collaborations with a range of music labels, management companies and key industry players, with recent partners including PPL and Record of the Day. Aside from the day-to-day operation of YMB, Jusnah Gadi has become celebrated for the recent launch of the critically-acclaimed Meritocracy Dinner Series, which works in collaboration with UK Music to create networking opportunities for young music professionals.

By building alliances between musical creatives, Gadi and Young Music Boss now boasts an impressive list of sponsoring organisations, reinforcing this young entrepreneur’s contribution to the industry.

Last updated: April 24, 2018