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What makes Julien Delpech a Global Shaker?

Julien Delpech is the CEO and co-founder of Invivox which is a platform for peer-to-peer medical education amongst doctors.

It consists of mentoring, masterclass, and fellowship courses. The mentoring course allows users to observe faculty members in their day-to-day work environment and receive valuable insight in a one-on-one scenario. A masterclass puts users amongst other attendees for theoretical courses and live observations as well as hands-on workshops in an intensive exclusive program. And finally, the fellowship course puts a user into a faculty member’s daily medical round — from consults to post-op follow ups. An imaging course is also in the works.

Delpech highlights that what separates Invivox from a lot of other healthcare start-ups is that it puts human intelligence above artificial intelligence. Furthermore, he believes that physicians would prefer to meet an expert in person rather than through video broadcasting or live streaming.

In his own words “[Invivox] meets the real needs of the physicians, not the fantasy of investors”. There is no alternative peer-to-peer platform for continual medical training. Users can search the Invivox directory through its search engine and get in contact with the right people, by selecting your price, date, place, discipline and more.

The company was launched in 2015, received US$1.5 million in funding in 2016, and Julien was presented with the French American Entrepreneurship Award in 2017. He spent twenty years working in the medical device industry before his attempt to reinvent the medical mentoring industry.

Prior to his attempt to streamline the medical mentoring industry, Julien spent twenty-seven years working in the world of aesthetic enhancement, managing big pharma companies move into breast implants and botox.

Last updated: April 9, 2019