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Jonathon Day

Associate Professor

Purdue University


Associate Professor


Purdue University


United States







What makes Jonathon Day a Global Shaker?

Jonathon Day is an associate professor focused on sustainable tourism at Purdue University, United States.

His research focuses on sustainable tourism, responsible travel, and strategic destination governance “in the role of business in solving grand challenges through corporate social responsibility programmes and social entrepreneurship.”

He wrote “An Introduction to Sustainable Tourism and Responsible Travel,” and regularly comments on how people should plan sustainable holidays. In one blog, he advises people to “visit local businesses and enjoy authentic experiences from your destination, such as farm-to-table restaurants, local arts-and-crafts stores and farmers markets.” He adds that people should plan to recycle and minimise waste, and be a fuel efficient traveler, purchasing carbon offsets for any flights taken.

Day also is chair of the Travel Care Code initiative, which aims to ensure that every traveler is a force for good on each trip they take. “We are on a mission to ensure every traveler contributes to the sustainability of the planet — supporting local economies, protecting the environment, celebrating local culture, and promoting social justice,” the site reads.

Day has conducted training in Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, New Zealand and the US. He’s developed and facilitated training programmes for the UN World Tourism Organisation and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

He holds a PhD from James Cook University in Australia.

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Last updated: September 25, 2020