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Photo by Orbimed

Jonathan Silverstein

Managing Partner, Co-Head, Investor, Founder



Managing Partner, Co-Head, Investor, Founder




Silverstein Foundation





Why is Jonathan Silverstein a Global Shaker?

Along with Carl Gordon, Jonathan Silverstein is a managing partner and co-head of global private equity at OrbiMed. He is also the co-head of global venture capital at the firm. His investment interests are small capitalisation public biotechnology, medical device companies and rare diseases.

He ranked on the Forbes Midas List from 2012 to 2018, placing at #48 in 2018.

Jonathan has served on the board of directors/observers for dozens of companies, including Glaukos Corporation, Avedro, Adicet Bio, Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Motus Therapeutics, scPharmaceuticals, superDimension, Nxstage Medical, Roka Bioscience, Adiana, Insulet Corporation  Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Relypsa, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Given Imaging, Predix Pharmaceuticals, DOV Pharmaceutical, Arteaus, Enobia, Auxillium, Civitas, Adolor, Emphasys Medical, LifeCell Corporation, Orthovita, Cerexa, Peninsula Pharmaceuticals, Bioenvision and more.

Prior to OrbiMed, Jonathan served as the director of Life Sciences in the Investment Banking Department at Sumitomo Bank.

After becoming diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he founded The Silverstein Foundation for Parkinson’s with GBA (Glucosylceramidase Beta Acid) in 2017. Jonathan is a carrier of the GBA gene, which triggered the onset of the disease.

“The mission and goals of the Foundation are very specific,” Jonathan was quoted as saying on the organisation’s website. “It will be focused solely on rapidly converting scientific ideas and experimental drugs into FDA approved therapeutics to treat and prevent the onset of Parkinson’s disease in GBA-mutation carriers.”

Jonathan has a bachelor’s in economics from Denison University and an MBA and JD from the University of San Diego.

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Last updated: July 21, 2019