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Johan Nihlén

Founder and CEO



Founder and CEO










What makes Johan Nihlén a Global Shaker?

Everybody knows that sinking, guilty feeling that comes from leaving a tap running whilst you’re brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, or waiting for the temperature to change.

Johan Nihlén is a man who knows how to get projects done. And in 2015, the young Swede set up Altered, a water-saving company which is now on the edge of enormous growth. The company has created a nozzle that fits onto the end of any tap and turns a full stream of water into a fine mist, using 98% less water.

The company website stresses that the creation can be added to any tap in under a minute and can be adjusted to a stronger stream for filling up a cup or a jug of water, while still using almost 80% less water.

The company has partnered with IKEA to sell the nozzle in-store, and also secured almost $2m of investment in late 2018.

Nihlén started out his career as a production and project manager at digital agencies, such as those housed within Oglivy and DDB during the ‘90s, during the digital boom. After a Masters degree in Economics and Marketing at Stockholm University, he founded the agency Fabric. He’s continued this work alongside Altered, acting as the Communications Manager for Swedish online bank Avanza.

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Last updated: September 3, 2019