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What makes Joel Morris a Global Shaker?

At just 22 years old, Joel Morris, AKA JMX, has amassed 2,500,000 subscribers on Youtube & 1,500,000+ on other social media platforms. In 2018 he turned his focus to entrepreneurship and discovered that his creativity, YouTube chops and ability to think outside the box have translated perfectly to business.

Recently, Joel co-founded Xcademy alongside Oliver Bell after seeing a gap in the market for an online platform teaching kids how to become YouTubers.

Xcademy is a gamified influencer development platform teaching its students how to become Youtubers by some of the worlds biggest Youtubers. Also offering E-sports training in Fortnite by some of the worlds best players. Xcademy additionally teaches crucial life skills that schools do not traditionally focus on such as but not limited to: confidence, organisation & having a positive mindset.

In October last year, it was announced that XCADEMY had closed a seed round of €493k from Smaller Company Capital, giving the business a post-money valuation of nearly €5 million.

Since starting my YouTube channel in 2013 I have experienced firsthand the ups and downs of amassing a large online following,” said Joel. “Today, the majority of young people are engaging with YouTube and want to become personalities in their own right. At Xcademy, we want to empower them to do this by teaching them how to responsibly and ethically build a rewarding online presence. Ever since I started building my own social media channel followings, I’ve wanted to educate young people, build their confidence and help them believe that anything is achievable.

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Last updated: April 21, 2020