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Cultural Consultant


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What makes Jo Ward a global shaker?

Cultural consultant Jo Ward has been instrumental in the growth of the ‘arts on prescription’ movement in the UK, helping to connect medical professionals and artists to find holistic healthcare solutions for individuals that do not rely on medication. The UK Government has now put millions of pounds into schemes to spread the benefits of using singing to treat asthma, or group reading to help treat depression.

Her tireless championing has led to the creation of the first ‘arts and wellbeing manifesto’ by a healthcare group, covering the needs of 125,000 people, and to a consortium of 27 healthcare providers in England promising to develop a social prescription plan.

The ‘arts on prescription’ movement is even being used by doctors in other countries around the world.

Ward’s work has been develop in partnership with the National Health Service in the UK, and the National Alliance for Museums.

She graduated with a degree in Sociology-Quantiative and Qualitative Research Techniques from the University of Manchester.

Last updated: May 24, 2019