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Jim Cowie

Chef and Co-Owner

Captain's Galley


Chef and Co-Owner


Captain's Galley




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What makes Jim Cowie a Global Shaker?

“Simplicity, integrity, traceability, seasonality and sustainability”.

These are the five pillars on which Mary Cowie and husband Jim have created Captain’s Galley, considered one of the world’s leading seafood restaurants. The site is known for focusing on traditional farming and foraging techniques and maintaining strong, daily relationships with local producers.

Located right at the Northern tip of Scotland, on the site of an old ice-house for wild salmon, the Cowies divide tasks to maintain their sustainability. Former fish trader Jim travels to the fish market every day, constantly communicating with the boats to find out what produce is available then spending the day preparing it. Mary, by contrast, continues the traditions of centuries of Caithness farming, caring for leaves, vegetables and fruits.

The restaurant was crowned the UK’s most sustainable restaurant in 2015, but it only actually open for six months a year. The restaurateurs even forage for clams on local beaches.

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Last updated: June 18, 2019