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What makes Jessica Saunders a Global Shaker?

Jessica Saunders is the British sound engineer who was awarded a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit Award in 2015 for her contributions to the sound design on Batman: Arkham Knight. The game was critically acclaimed, winning numerous awards for its sonic qualities including a TIGA award and its recognition as the fastest-selling game of 2015.

Saunders graduated with a degree in Creative Music Technology from Bath Spa University in 2010, citing a childhood obsession with sound, music and video games as the reason behind her decision to pursue a career in sound design. Immediately after graduating, Saunders worked on projects with gaming companies including Lionhead Studios, Rare, Splash Damage and Rocksteady.

Saunders has attracted fame with her pioneering of sound in the gaming industry and now travels to schools and universities across Europe, encouraging and educating young women to pursue similar paths in the industry. The sonic expert can now be seen speaking at events such as The Women in Gaming Conference as a STEM ambassador.

Her success on the international stage saw her set up her own gaming company, Salix Games in 2016. The company director oversaw the release of her company’s first title, Dance of Death in the same year, and a new installation of the game in 2019.

Last updated: May 17, 2019