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What makes Jessica Rose a Global Shaker?

At the young age of 21, Jessica Rose entered the world of business with one motto which she has since stuck to: “everyone can make jewellery”. What started in a South London community hall has now gathered momentum, securing this young entrepreneur an EveryWoman Business Award and a nomination for the British Young Business Awards.

Rose’s love for jewellery and her passion for teaching and inspiring others to design their own jewellery compelled her to set up The London Jewellery School in 2009, which is now Europe’s largest jewellery training centre. Now teaching over 50 classes every month, Jessica Rose sets her business sights towards eventual industry domination in future years.

Behind Jessica’s business idea was a growing awareness of the need for both high-quality and accessible jewellery classes that offered educational and professional classes in a fun and relaxed environment. With over 7,000 students registered at the London Jewellery School, Rose’s growing jewellery empire claims to have trained over 20,000 people across the United Kingdom.

For this entrepreneur, a commitment to the idea that “everyone can make jewellery” has truly paid off.

Last updated: April 24, 2018