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Jessica Elliott


J's Dance Factory

What makes Jessica Elliott a Global Shaker?

Jessica Elliott is the founder of one of London’s most successful dance academies, J’s Dance Factory, which provides dance classes to over 1,000 young people each week. She is an award-winning business leader, former TV Presenter and a sought-after choreographer, having worked on Dreamworks animation film, The Trolls Movie.

Elliott set up the dance academy in 2007, specialising in street dance and ballet, at just 20 years old. The company now operates in more than 20 schools and has grown into a series of offshoots. Her talent agency, Jessica Elliott Management, has seen students progress to high-profile roles in hit shows including Matilda and The Lion King, and secure roles in companies such as The Disney Channel and the BBC.

Elliott has been recognised with a Natwest Everywoman award for the success of her business, and has presented at an award ceremony alongside His Royal Highness Prince Andrew. She also presented a ten-episode series called ‘Inspiring Careers’ for The Independent Online and is a trained sports therapist.

Last updated: June 4, 2019