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Jeremy Paxman

Journalist and Presenter

Channel 4


Journalist and Presenter


Channel 4


United Kingdom


74 years


Channel 4 News


Lifestyle & Culture



What makes Jeremy Paxman a Global Shaker?

Jeremy Paxman is a veteran journalist and news presenter with a TV career spanning more than two decades.

The former host of BBC Newsnight and now a contributor for Channel 4, Jeremy Paxman revealed later in 2017 that he voted ‘Remain’ in the referendum.

Prior to the Vote he travelled to Brussels and produced an hour-long documentary about the workings of the EU, all the way from the key official involved in the EU politics to the inner workings of the European Union. He did a series of programs, ranging from Panel discussions and interviews to news packages where he brought out crucial information that he felt was important for the public in order for them to make an informed choice.

He did not support or oppose the referendum before the results came out. He did call out former PM David Cameron after the Brexit vote saying “I think he acted, to be honest with you, irresponsibly, in calling it and then not being prepared to make the case for it”

Last updated: May 2, 2018