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What makes Jason Powell a Global Shaker?

Gone are the days when longbows and archery were reserved to the glossy pages of history textbooks and the lawns of Oxford and Cambridge. Thanks to a raft of film and TV productions such as The Hunger Games, Vikings and Game of Thrones, the sport has regained some of its former glory, with more and more British citizens taking it up as a hobby and skill.

Indeed, the British tradition of longbow archery is being revived by English entrepreneur Jason Powell, who leads up the Birkenhead-based store which specialises in high-quality renditions of medieval weaponry.

From the first time Powell ran his fingers along a traditional English longbow, the Wirral entrepreneur knew that a future promoting archery and traditional longbows was his destiny, and set about launching The Longbow Shop along with co-founders Graham Higgs and Mike O’Sullivan. As one of three directors of the firm, Powell’s passion has translated into business success, with The Longbow Shop now selling traditional English longbows which were commonly seen in the battles of Agincourt, Crecy and Poitiers.

Now the UK’s largest traditional archery shop, The Longbow Shop have launched their own archery club with 3,000 square feet of showroom space complete with a 20 yard, 8 lane shooting range. For this British entrepreneur, success has been reflected in the company motto: “aim true, shoot well!”

Last updated: April 24, 2018