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What makes James Hubert a Global Shaker?

James Hubert is the mind behind StackTek, the stackable single serve glasses that overcome some of the obstacles of drinking outside or while on the move.

Hubert’s idea for StackTek was spurned in 2011 from a series of personal experiences and overheard frustrations — broken bottles in the boot of the car, wine that has gone stale after a few days or the classic scenario of bringing a bottle to a picnic but no corkscrew. Hearing these types of booze-related frustrations over and over, lead Hubert to realise that there was a wide open opportunity to create a solution built for taking premium wine on adventures.

Soon, one man became a team who set out to develop an eco-friendly, convenient and hassle-free container, ideal for anyone looking to enjoy wine in a nontraditional setting, like while camping or at a festival.

This approach to selling wine helps to eliminate product waste through portion control and the company cleverly promotes the recycling of their glasses. Made out of a crystal clear, BPA-free material that looks and feels like glass StackTek provides multiple suggestions for reusing the containers, from meal-prep to DIY crafts.

“As we began to solve the initial issues wine consumers face, we quickly realized that StackTek possesses additional inherent values that further lend itself to both the consumer and retailer. Benefits such as portion control and a stylish aesthetic provide a substantial lift in efficiency and incremental sales at retail, venues, and events. Today, we’re continuing to evolve our product as we grow and learn, extending StackTek’s use to industries beyond wine.”

Hubert has recently teamed up with Interscope Records to release an uber-trendy range of canned wines called Electric Sky. The brand is aimed at stylish, environmentally conscious millennials. They also support the queer community by sponsoring community-led events and commissioning original artworks.

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Last updated: May 21, 2019