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Irina Fedorenko


Biocarbon Engineering

What makes Irina Fedorenko a global shaker?

Myanmar has a serious problem: Coastal mangroves in the country are being chopped down at an alarming rate for short-term financial gain. In response to the devastating environmental effects, local charities have set up re-planting programmes, but cannot hope to replenish the estimated one billion lost trees quickly enough.

Irina Fedorenko is the co-founder of Biocarbon Engineering, a company that may have a very 21st centry solution.

Through work in Australia and Myanmar, the company has successfully developed a drone that can map areas and then automatically plant an optimum number of seeds. It’s predicted that a team of 10 of Fedorenko’s drones can be used by two operators to plant up to 400,000 trees per day.

The drones have planted 38 species across Australia, Myanmar and the UK.

She is also co-founder of BubblenutWash, a brand of natural detergent that uses organic forest products drawn from particular forests in India as a reliable source of livelihood for indigenous communities.

Writing on LinkedIn, Fedorenko says her focus is on “peacebuidling and economic development through ecosystem restoration, youth empowerment and social entrepreneurship”. She holds a PhD in Geography and the Environment, Politics International Relations and Civil Society from the University of Oxford.

Last updated: May 24, 2019