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What makes Hilda Moraa a Global Shaker?

Based in Kenya, Hilda Moraa is the founder and CEO of Pezesha, a digital finance marketplace serving underserved populations throughout Africa through financial education, credit decisioning and connecting MSMEs with affordable financing.

“In just 18 months of operation, we have seen 50% customer growth month on month,” she said in an October 2018 interview with How We Made It In Africa. “This is proof that our mission – empowering micro, small and medium enterprises in Africa with affordable financial services that they can use in a responsible and purposeful way – is possible. This gives us the motivation to keep doing what we are doing.

“Making an impact in this way is at the heart of what we do. We are trying to bring sanity and security to the lending space, and staying true to the reasons I started this business is something I intend to upkeep for as long as we exist.”

Prior to Pezesha, Hilda founded Weza Tele, which was acquired in 2015, becoming the first tech startup acquisition in East Africa. She was also a member of founding team of iHub Research, an initiative through iHub, Nairobi’s first innovation hub.

In 2015, she was the keynote speaker at GES in Kenya, when US President Barack Obama was in attendance.

Over the past few years, she has been listed in Quartz Africa as one of the Top 30 innovators in Africa and in Forbes on its 40 under 40 and 30 Most Promising Young African Entrepreneurs lists.

Hilda is as a board member with prestigious startup accelerator Station F, a mentor with @iBizAfrica, and serves as a member of the Huduma Whitebox Advisory Council with the Ministry of ICT Kenya

She has a bachelor’s in business information technology and computer software engineering and a master’s in entrepreneurship from
Strathmore University.

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Last updated: May 25, 2020