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What makes Henry Patterson a Global Shaker?

At the age of 14, most of us were concerned with homework, pocket money and waiting for the school holidays. For Henry Patterson, however, life has been a whirlwind of entrepreneurial adventure since the roaring success of his first book, The Adventures of Sherb and Pip, published when he was only 10 years old.

Selling thousands of copies in its opening week in 2014, The Adventures of Sherb and Pip gave birth to Patterson’s highly-popular children’s’ lifestyle brand, Not Before Tea. Not Before Tea produces a range of products based upon Patterson’s books, including bags, soft toys, nursery decorations and, of course, reading for kids.

Not Before Tea has worked in conjunction with celebrated illustrator Becky Down, bringing the characters of Vera Vole, Sherb the Owl and Billy the Cat to life for the series’ growing legion of young fans.

Indeed, whilst Henry Patterson has yet to complete his GCSEs, this young entrepreneur is already setting an example for other lifestyle startups on how to achieve success. Having successfully built his company’s brand, Patterson regularly speaks at corporate events for household names such as Lego and Clarks as the founder and CEO of the world’s fastest-growing children’ lifestyle brand.

Henry’s entrepreneurial journey has been tracked by media outlets in Britain and beyond: aside from featuring in the likes of Forbes magazine and CNBC’s business breakfast show Squawk Box, this young entrepreneur has been listed as one to watch by The Independent.

Last updated: April 24, 2018