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Heledd Kendrick

CEO and Founder

Recruit for Spouses


CEO and Founder


Recruit for Spouses


United Kingdom


Recruit for Spouses






What makes Heledd Kendrick a Global Shaker?

Heledd Kendrick is a social entrepreneur working to support wives of armed servicemen by enabling them to find a job and sustain their passion in a field of their choice.

After being married to a British Soldier, Heledd discovered that the wives of armed servicemen sacrifice their carriers and ambitions to be able to accompany their husbands on tours and transfers.

Heledd Kendrick had no idea about the career prejudices military wives face until she became one herself. So she decided to do something about it, and set up a business to help military spouses, and shape the way modern businesses source and retain quality employees.

Businesses see military spouses as too transient because they may move in a couple of years. Heledd says about her female workforce that “We are in the main a resilient bunch, we move at the drop of a hat, we adapt to foreign situations quickly and we are incredibly resourceful because we have to be – and all those soft skills lead to attributes that are really worthwhile in a business”.

Last updated: May 9, 2018