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Guillaume Capelle

Co-Founder & International Director



Co-Founder & International Director












What makes Guillaume Capelle a Global Shaker?

Guillaume Capelle is the founder of SINGA, an NGO that originated in France and is now operational in six different countries.

SINGA connects refugees with members of different societies that engage in the same kinds of activity or interests that they love. Capelle says he is excited by innovation and strives for a sense of justice in our societies.

He first got in touch with refugees and asylum seekers in Australia when they shared their hopes and aspirations with him, and he realised nobody was interested in helping them to achieve their dreams. He saw that it was always more about admin and legal issues than it was about their aspirations. He wants to “unlock the potential of people and rebuild the potential in society.”

SINGA aims to raise awareness of the benefits refugees can bring to a community and to bring people together through training, team-building workshops and events.

He wants to ensure that local people understand what refugees are going through and how they can help and believes the process is mostly about crowdsourcing — finding people who work in the same field as you rather than going through the laborious process of signing on at a job centre.

Guillaume Capelle attained a masters in international relations from ILERI in Puteaux in the Western suburbs of Paris before completing another master’s in international security and defence from the Université Pierre Mendès in Grenoble.

Last updated: April 11, 2019