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A Global Shaker in the purest form. Graham is a Journalist, Scholar, and Author. 


I was first introduced to Graham Hancock by my father who was interested in the subject of a lost global civilization. He advised me to read Graham’s book titled “The fingerprints of the gods”. Not only was this book well-written and immersive it introduced me to a mysterious world of prehistory that I had never really thought about before.


Once I had got into the main bulk of the book it was clear that it started to answer a lot of questions that I had about what we were taught by the mainstream education system back in high school, addressing a lot of the questions I had about ancient history, remembering specifically how I was taught in school about the construction of the “great pyramid” of Egypt but never getting a straight answer from my history teacher of how exactly these incredible structures were made, and simply being told that it was sheer manpower and to not question any further.


Ever since the release of this book he has been ridiculed and attacked by archeologists and mainstream academic society as a pseudoscientist, mainly because his boots-on-the-ground and hands-on approach goes against the accepted and exhaustively taught preconceptions of the history of human evolution. Raising doubts about the authenticity of what we are made to believe about our perceived historical timeline. 


One of my favorite quotes from Graham is that we are a species with amnesia, and the more you go down the rabbit hole the more this rings true. 


We can pick any ancient site across the world from ancient Egypt, Peru, Turkey, and Asia. And we find uncanny similarities between their obsession with the stars and their incredibly advanced knowledge of the cosmos. 


These lost and ancient civilizations were clearly not just hunter-gatherers but profound and intelligent. They looked at the world in a way that until now with the help of modern technology and the age of the internet, we are starting to connect the dots and reveal that there was indeed an ancient and advanced civilization that spanned the globe!


The facts are now mounting and causing a stir in mainstream academia since the release of Graham’s series on Netflix entitled “Ancient Apocolypse” exposing the biased and stale take on history that in my opinion along with many others is becoming more and more evident that it is just frankly incorrect. 


The recent discovery of Göbekli Tepe, in Turkey, has forced the mainstream archaeologist to turn back the time of an advanced human civilization, vindicating a lot of what Graham has been saying for decades and they were reluctant to admit that indeed there must have been an advanced civilization on the planet more than 10,000 years ago! With the site barely excavated but proving that there was indeed an advanced civilization on this planet way before what we are taught to believe make you wonder, how much more of what Graham and other have been trying to tell us about our ancient past.


Another very interesting point to add from Graham’s extensive analysis of the Giza plateau in Egypt, he worked closely with Robert Buval on a hypothesis that the Great Sphinx was in fact a lot older than the Egyptologists were happy to admit, also backing up the claims of John Anthony West a well respected and influential Egyptologist. They were all in agreement that the Great Sphinx was in fact originally carved as a lion representing the constellation of Leo, marking the Age of Leo. But this meant that the date of the original construction of this iconic monument predated the accepted timeline, thus causing a lot of backlashes. 


There is a very famous video from an interview that was supposed to be conducted with Graham Hancock and Hawas the Egyptian director of antiquities, where when questioned about this Hawas stormed out of the interview and refused to even address this obvious observation made by numerous credible Egyptologist exposing the reality that we are told to believe a certain story about our past and when it is up for discussions it is simply not allowed to be debated and anything that challenges the mainstream narrative is labeled as conspiracy or pseudoscience!


The recent release of the “Ancient Apocolypse” series on Netflix, has given us an opportunity to re-analyze and have an open discussion about our ancient history and provides us with an opportunity as a global community to discuss who we really are as a species and where did we come from?

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