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Grace Chen

Founder & CEO

Beijing Aishengsheng Science and Technology Company


Founder & CEO


Beijing Aishengsheng Science and Technology Company







What makes Grace Chen a Global Shaker?

Grace Chen or Chen Hua, as she is known in her homeland, is the millennial founder CEO of Beijing Aishengsheng Science and Technology Company, a fast-growing company within the media and marketing industry. In late 2013 they released Jiecao Selection, an entertainment and social networking platform that can be accessed online or through its own app. It has grown rapidly and has already garnered over 10 million users.

The app features jokes and memes that are trending and a report by Technode in 2014 found that of its millions of users 80% were born post-1990. What initially attracted the users was its daring content and innovative floating comments that appeared on content in real-time. “Jiecao” translates to moral integrity but it has been used in an increasingly negative way when people say someone has no “jiecao”.

What separates Jiecao from other apps like 9GAG is that the platform is for professionally generated content not just viral memes and videos. Chen says “our mission is to bring happiness to as many users as possible.” She says she had the idea when she was running low on money and team members from her company were leaving. This is when she shifted her company’s focus to Jiecao. Chen even describes herself as a “digital animal” and says her iPhone is like part of her body.

Last updated: June 6, 2018