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Giani Pittella

Former Leader

Socialists and Democrats Party


Former Leader


Socialists and Democrats Party




65 years


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What makes Giani Pittela a Global Shaker?

Giovanni Pittella is an Italian politician who served as the leader of the Progressive Alliance of Social and Democrats group and was an MEP for Southern Italy from 1999 to 2018. Pittella even briefly served as the President of the European Parliament from June to July in 2014. At the beginning of his political career, he was a member of the Italian Socialist Party, the Labour Federation and the Democrats of the left.

At 22 he became a member of the regional council of Basilicata. Pittela then studied medicine and surgery at the University of Naples Federico II. He was first elected to Italian Parliament in 1996. He is also an authour who has written books on the European project, its future and the challenges it will and has already faced.

Giani Patellas resigned as the chief of S&D after being elected to the Italian Senate in March 2018, which could work in the favour of British Negotiators. His former European alliance calls for progressive leadership in the EU has established itself as the alternative to the Stalwarts of EU such as Junker and Guy Verhofstadt.

Mr Giani was ever so critical of Britain and the PM Theresa May, although he has also been critical of the EU establishment. He played a role in the lead up to Brexit by being negative towards the idea of the referendum itself, but he could have been instrumental in securing a fair deal for both Britain and the EU.

Last updated: May 16, 2018