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What makes Gemma Young a Global Shaker?

Setting up your own business as a young woman can be a challenging concept in today’s world. However, with an all-star CV that includes managerial positions at Google and lead marketing positions at Sub Saharan Africa, that task must seem all the more achievable. Along with her friend and brother Paul, Gemma Young co-founded Settled, one of the most exciting UK property start-ups to have disrupted the market in recent years.

Many would agree that homebuying and selling can be a stressful, even traumatic affair – indeed, it was those negative emotions associated with buying and selling which provoked the siblings to set up their business-to-consumer online property platform. Settled essentially goes above and beyond the concept of an estate agent by greatly simplifying the entire buying and selling process, empowering its users to go through that process with a greater sense of assurance and security.

The genius behind settled, however, is that is has become one of the first businesses of its kind to immerse itself in the world of mobile apps: users of Settled can complete the entire process from the convenience of their mobile phone. As CEO and co-founder of Settled, Gemma Young has been celebrated for delivering the strategic vision of the company, keeping it on the cutting edge of property innovation.

Indeed, whilst every industry appeared to have been impacted by emerging technology, real estate seemed to remain firmly rooted in offices, application forms and lengthy phone calls. Thanks to this young female entrepreneur, real estate has joined the smartphone age, making her a true pioneer of the industry.

Last updated: April 24, 2018