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What makes Gemma Godfrey a Global Shaker?

At only 33 years of age, Gemma Godfrey has a resume that would leave much young entrepreneurs seething in envy. Not only has the former academic secured a degree in Quantum Physics from Leeds University – the apparent Jack of all Trades was also a Head of Investment at Brooks Macdonald and an investment manager at globally recognised Goldman Sachs.

Godfrey has also become a business-celebrity in her own right following her own successful series of TedX Talks on financial management. However, it is this wealth manager turned entrepreneur’s most recent business venture which has her name firmly established in the growing field of Fintech. Moola, one of the UK’s first online investment services, promises to aid people across the UK in coming to a greater understanding about investing in a bid to encourage safer and more informed financial habits amongst would-be investors.

Moola provides its users with a clear investment plan, breaking down jargon to let them see how their investments are doing, 24/7. Behind the success of Gemma Godfrey’s latest adventure is the modern techniques used by the firm, which spreads their users’ investments across numerous sectors and countries.

With current partnerships with eValue and wealth projection reaching lofty heights, it is no surprise that Godfrey was selected as one of the BBC’s Top 100 Women in 2013. The most impressive fact about this young entrepreneur? She was selected as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advisor on the US version of The Apprentice in 2016.

Last updated: April 24, 2018