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Frank Jensen

Overborgmester (Lord Mayor)

Copenhagen City Government


Overborgmester (Lord Mayor)


Copenhagen City Government








What makes Frank Jensen a Global Shaker?

Frank Jensen is the Mayor of Copenhagen — and the man who has overseen major, world-leading change to the city’s sustainable transportation.

The city recently approved phasing out diesel buses before the end of 2025, starting from 2019.

This comes after two years of tests with Movia, a transport facilitator, and E.ON, an energy operator on two different routes in the city. According to TV2 Lorry, 8 out of 10 bus drivers have reportedly been happy with the operation, and 9 out of 10 passengers consider the service satisfying.

The project — established in order to realise Jensen’s plan — has been essential to work out the practicalities of making a city’s transportation system electric. Copenhagen has realised that charge points don’t work as well if there is dirt on the roof of the vehicle, for instance.

Jensen says the change is not just an important step in providing clean air and the population-dense area of the Danish capital.

The point is that the plan is a show of initiative — a step beyond the Danish government’s proposals for buses to use biofuel from 2020 and for new buses to be zero emission from 2025. This brings forward the zero-emission buses by 6 years.

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Last updated: October 2, 2019