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Firmin Zocchetto

Co-Founder & CEO



Co-Founder & CEO












What makes Firmin Zocchetto a Global Shaker?

Firmin Zocchetto is the founder of PayFit, a FinTech company born in Paris. Launched in 2016, the company has since achieved impressive growth and has already raised €19.5 million through three rounds of funding.

PayFit is targeted to small and medium-sized businesses and it allows them to quickly and easily pay their employees.  It started with basic pay-roll features but doesn’t rely on old-fashioned third-party companies and outdated processes. It lets you enter all the required criteria for employees which allow businesses to produce paychecks, wire salaries and send notifications to institutions about health or retirement status. It is a cheaper alternative to the old methods and enables companies to work without a large HR department. Payroll can be a headache for any company and PayFit is providing a new solution.

The company has expanded beyond France to the UK, Spain and Germany and has also added more admin features to the product, including managing expenses, as well as dealing with holiday schedules and requests. Payfit has been implemented in 2500 companies and counting, including Alice Zagury’s The Family and Antoine Martin’s Zenly.

Firmin Zochetto completed a masters degree from ESCP Europe and during his studies took up the roles of project manager and then president of the ESCP Challenge. The challenge allows students to undertake all kinds of work including consulting, commercial development and direct marketing.  After graduating in 2014 Zocchetto spent six months at Citi working as an M&A analyst intern before leaving to set up Payfit.

Last updated: April 11, 2019