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Erik Huberman

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Founder & CEO


Hawke Media


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What makes Erik Huberman a Global Shaker?

Erik Huberman is the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, the fastest-growing marketing consultancy in the US. The agency has grown without any outside funding or debt—serving a clientele list of more than 1,500 different brands.

Hawke Media is an outsourced CMO and marketing team to brands that allows companies to contract specific marketing expertise as needed, month to month. Through this model, companies of all sizes are able to expand their marketing operations while focusing on doing what they do best—create products and services.

“After building some of my own brands, and advising for others, it just didn’t make sense to me how hard it was to get good marketing help,” he told NASDAQ. “99% of agencies have no idea what they are doing, the other 1% are expensive, want long contracts, or have some other barrier to work with them. Hiring in house isn’t cost effective, that’s if you can actually find and attract talent, and then you end up operating in a vacuum. I started Hawke Media, because I was just sick of the ecosystem and wanted to fix it.”

Erik is also a founding partner at Hawke Ventures—an early-stage venture fund, a managing director at Nest Equity Partners and an operating partner at Arrowroot Capital.

As a respected influencer in the digital marketing space, Erik has been honoured by some of the most prestigious names in the industry, including Forbes 30 Under 30, Inc. Magazine’s Top 25 Marketing Influencers and Influencive’s Top Influencive Influencers.

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Last updated: December 20, 2019