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What makes Elon Musk a Global Shaker?

Perhaps best known for his entrepreneurial efforts with companies such Tesla, PayPal, and Neuralink, Elon Musk is the founder, CEO and lead designer at Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), where he oversees the development and manufacturing of advanced rockets and spacecraft.

Tesla has released a range of top-end electric vehicles since 2012, when the Tesla Model S 5-door hatchback was released. It remains the second-best-selling electric car in the world, after the Nissan Leaf. Tesla has since gone on to release the Model X and Model 3 cars. In 2019, the magazine Motor Trend named the 2013 version of the Model S the best car in the magazine’s 70-year history.

His Space company, SpaceX, has accomplished several milestones since its founding in 2002, as the first private company to launch, orbit, and recover a spacecraft, successfully send a spacecraft to the International Space Station, and launch an object into orbit around the sun, among other impressive feats.

Founded in 2002, SpaceX aims to decrease the cost of space transport and eventually colonize Mars. To that end, in 2016, Elon revealed the company’s first blueprint of its Interplanetary Transport System, aiming to create technology to be used in interplanetary spaceflight. An updated version of the program, called Starship/Super Heavy, was unveiled in 2017. With the intention of being fully reusable, it will be the largest rocket ever at its debut, currently scheduled to be launched in the early 2020s.

In February 2018, Space X carried out its much-anticipated launch of the Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful operational rocket.

Prior to becoming one of the world’s most powerful people, according to Forbes, Elon studied economics and physics at the University of Pennsylvania. He applied to a doctoral program in applied physics and material sciences at Stanford University, but dropped out after two days to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

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Last updated: October 4, 2019