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Sweat Flex


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What makes Elliot Perry a Global Shaker?

When it comes to observing successful start-ups, one trend is clear: where the founder of the business is a target user of their product, that business will often do well. Indeed, Newcastle-born entrepreneur Elliott Perry is a testament to that fact: the fitness and technology whizz founded his first start-up fresh out of university in 2013 through an accelerator program, before successfully exiting the following year.

Perry went through a series of prototype stages and experiments before launching his second start-up venture, Flex. With Flex, this young entrepreneur successfully established the world’s first online platform which allows users to participate in live-streaming fitness classes with their favourite instructors – all from the comfort of their own living room.

By employing an innovative combination of live video and social features, Perry’s health and fitness business brainchild has set out to revolutionise the workout experience by making exercise sessions immersive, social, and totally tailored to the end user.

For this young entrepreneur, success has been granted in how he identifies with the business’ subject matter: Perry was never going to be another CEO miles apart from his customer base. Like getting in shape, perseverance has been key: the idea behind Flex was only conceived after he abandoned another project, focusing instead on the growing possibilities of live streaming.

Last updated: April 24, 2018