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What makes Elli Kaplan a Global Shaker?

Elli Kaplan is the co-founder and CEO of Neurotrack, a company aiming to diagnose and prevent Alzheimer’s Disease before memory loss occurs.

The startup has worked with clinicians, scientists and engineers to create the Imprint Check-Up. Based on the work of Dr Zola and Dr Buffalo, the platform uses assessments measured via a webcam or mobile phone to create a baseline for cognitive functions. Using a combination of brain training and diet, exercise and sleep adjustments, users can try to improve cognitive function and health and measure their progress along the way.

“One can now feel empowered to test for potential memory decline, given that Neurotrack’s Memory Health Program can help stave off cognitive decline,” she stated, as reported by TechCrunch. “This fully integrated platform enables users to assess the state of their memory, reduce future risk for decline, and monitor progress in order to take better control of one’s memory health. We combine these tools with deep analytics to further target and personalize, creating a very powerful precision medicine solution. Just as when you go on a diet, you use a scale to provide evidence that you’re losing weight. Neurotrack now has the equivalent of both a scale to measure and the Memory Health Program for cognitive health. This is a game-changer for dementia risk.”

Prior to becoming a brain health pioneer, Elli worked in a variety of settings, including the The White House, US Department of State, US Department of Treasury, United Nations Development Programme, Goldman Sachs, AIG Capital Partners, Activate3D and Flashpoint.

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Last updated: June 26, 2019