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Elle Toussi

Founder & Journalist

In One Minute


Founder & Journalist


In One Minute


Elle Toussi





What makes Elle Toussi a Global Shaker?

Elle Toussi is the founder of In One Minute, a non-profit organisation that uses immersive storytelling and blockchain technology to help displaced women feel empowered and regain their identity through digital IDs.

As a writer and journalist, Elle has covered Hollywood, the film industry, international affairs, local businesses and stories, and a variety of topics that led her to travel around the world. She has worked with National Geographic, Screen International, and CBS Local.

In 2014, she first learned about blockchain and realised that the technology could be used to positively impact those in need.

“More than one billion people don’t have access to proper identification,” she told The Huffington Post. “I realized that the majority of that population were located in vulnerable communities and involved a big number of women. Blockchain can help these communities. By giving someone access to their identification, we can give them access to health care, financial freedom and even work.”

During her time in Jordan, covering the refugee solution, Elle started the journey that led her to found In One Minute.

“Newer technologies, like blockchain, can make processes much more efficient,” she explained. “It is such an amazing time to incorporate this technology in demographics and populations that would never have the opportunity otherwise. I’m a big believer in what I like to call the power of one. One person can make a difference — they can empower a community.”

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Last updated: October 14, 2019