Photo by Ali Millington, Business Insider
Photo by Ali Millington, Business Insider

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Deliciously Ella


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What makes Ella Mills a Global Shaker?

When Ella Mills (a.k.a. @DeliciouslyElla) was diagnosed with postural-orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, it was unknown to her that the diagnosis would propel her on a journey to the top of the cooking industry. The debilitating condition confined Mills to a hospital for four months in 2011 when the future entrepreneur was dosed on medication to regulate her autonomic nervous system and heart rate.

According to Mills, it was only when she transformed her diet that she began to feel better: gluten, meat, sugar and dairy were ditched to make way for a new lifestyle which placed health before convenience. Whilst in hospital, Mills began blogging about learning to cook, and in a short time became an online favourite with a social media following closely rivalling established leaders in food blogging.

With her blog, Mill’s successful business venture was born: Deliciously Ella gathered significant momentum, catapulting Mills into health-food superstardom with a site that provided nutritional information and dietary advice in a digestible and engaging way. Founded in 2012, Mills went on to expand her ventures in the form of an app, which became an overnight favourite following its launch in February 2014.

For this young entrepreneur, discussing health foods and cooking techniques became highly lucrative: Mills released her first cookbook, Deliciously Ella in 2015, which went on to become the fastest-selling debut cookbook of all time. Since the success of her first book, the daughter of MP Shaun Woodward and granddaughter of Sainsbury’s owner Lord Sainsbury has gone on to publish two more best-selling cookbooks, published in 16 languages across the world. In 2016, however, the foodie-entrepreneur broadened her business horizons, opening successful Delis in London, with a flagship site in Herne Hill.

Last updated: April 24, 2018