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What makes Edward Perello a Global Shaker?

Like many entrepreneurs in the field of tech, Edward Perello wasn’t inspired by a life in business. The former biologist emerged from a bio-veterinary background, and along with three fellow Cambridge Researchers founded Desktop Genetics in 2012.

Frustrated by the way gene editing experiments were managed in their profession, Perello and his fellow co-founders set up a firm which aimed to help researchers discover and treat the root genetic causes of human disease.

Today, Desktop Genetics is building artificial intelligence which assists researchers and clinicians using CRISPR in what will eventually be human patients. Only six years into its existence and Perello’s company has emerged as an established leader in the field of genome editing technology, with highly genome editing experts, data scientists and bioinformaticians in its world-class team.

Perello’s role in creating the celebrated CRISPR technology has led to a unique firm with tools and technologies used by over 1800 organisations across the world. Aside from this young entrepreneur’s accomplishments within the field of tech and genetics, a canny ability to secure and attract investment is apparent – Desktop Genetics picked up a cool €1.87 million in fundraising through angel investors in 2014. Amongst Perello’s firms’ collaborators include US Giant Illumina, Editas, Horizon and EnEvolv.

With a recent €383K grant from Innovate UK, Desktop Genetics are hoping to expand their project in the fight against more complex illnesses and cancers.

Last updated: April 24, 2018