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Edoardo Mozzi

Founder & CEO

Banda Property


Founder & CEO


Banda Property


United Kingdom








What makes Edoardo Mozzi a Global Shaker?

As a property consultant working for the richest in London for several years, and with a family background in real estate and property development, Edoardo ‘Edo’ Mozzi started off in the industry with a real advantage. Now the founder of one of the capital city’s largest developers, this young entrepreneur manages 8 construction sites in London, with hundreds of professionals across the country working with him on his projects.

Mozzi has carved himself out a profitable niche by possessing a huge portfolio of industrial buildings that are being transformed into high-end residential areas. In 2007 and at the young age of 24, Mozzi established Banda in defiance at the idea that the property market was closed to young people.

Since overcoming that initial anxiety of entering such an established industry, Mozzi now oversees a portfolio of several high-end schemes with over £60 million in development, including a Victorian bakery and a block of contemporary residences in Battersea. According to this young entrepreneur, maintaining a personal, yet professional approach has catapulted him to success.

Not every property firm can cater to both first-timers and established professionals – yet Mozzi has seemingly got there by placing himself in the shoes of the end buyer, in a bid to understand their individual needs. Over ten years since setting up Banda, Edo has become one of the most well-respected voices in property development, and now sets his sites towards larger, mixed-use schemes across the country.

Last updated: April 24, 2018