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What makes Ed Barton a Global Shaker?

When we think back to memorable lessons in school, we can more easily recall those lessons in which something was demonstrated to us or taught us in an engaging and interesting way.

That was the inspiration behind Curiscope, the brainchild of young British entrepreneur Ed Barton and his co-founder, Ben Kidd. Both with a background working in film, animation and computer-generated imagery, the creations of Barton and Kidd frequented museums across the UK before the pair decided to go solo with their own project.

Curiscope was established with the belief that VR and AR can deliver so much more than just gaming and entertainment: with these technologies, Curiscope aims to build experiences that are richer, more interactive than ever. Their first product, the Virtuali-Tee is presented as a t-shirt than turns into a live anatomy: using the emerging technology of augmented reality, Barton and the team behind Curiscope have created a t-shirt and app which work together to trigger series of line animations.

Wearing the t-shirt and pointing the phone at the wearer will display a beating heart, as well as going inside the bloodstream, the lungs, the intestines and other systems of the body that can often be difficult for young students to get their head around.

Pitched at early secondary school pupils, Barton and the team at Curiscope believe that there is room to broaden the targeted age group to others such a late primary age. Barton and his AR/VR colleagues do not, however, believe that their technology will take the place of textbooks in the classroom – instead, Curiscope and the Virtuali-Tee are marketed as essential and engaging tools to bring an existing curriculum to life.

Indeed, the world of business has begun to see the value behind AR/VR and education: Curiscope raised $110,000 on Kickstarter for their trademark t-shirt, whilst $1 million was raised by Venture Capitalist firm LocalGlobe.

Last updated: April 24, 2018